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Free use

Use of this template is free for development and testing purposes.

For productive use of application on Windows 95/98 and/or MacOS only you can get the key at no cost (we still require you to register). rtLib in replica registered as "freebee" will run only on free platforms - Windows 95/98 and MacOS 9.

What kind of licences do you have and what does it cost?

licences are per replica id, i.e. you pay once for a single database being replicated in your company irrespective of the number of users who access it or servers it is located on. See Purchase page about more info.

Does the licence include maintenance and support?

The licence includes free bugfixes and upgrades within 1.x codestream; formal support appart from limited e-mail support is not included. Still all reported bugs will be given immediate consideration.

Is it LSX?

The rtLib is written in LotusScript making direct calls to Notes core. As opposed to more traditional use of LSX approach of LotusScript extension, it allows for more flexibility and speed in development (of the tool itself and indirectly - via providing more features - also for the end developer), less administration overhead in deployment; while the downside is relatively slow loading of large code libraries and slower execution. However we regard that for application where the speed is not the paramount factor rtLib is an excellent choice.

Does it work on all Domino platforms?

The current version works on W32, Linux, MacOS, AIX and Sun Solaris. OS X is supported only for Domino 6 (not classical mode). Version supporting Domino on iSeries is on hold for the time being.

What about database creation and refreshing from template? Is it enough to registrate the template?

You do not need to registrate template, but every database created must be registered (entered valid registration key).

Note: for technical stuff please try online documentation and/or downloadable help; the latter provides lots of interactive samples